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17214 PVC, PE*, XLPE, PP*, PA, EVA, EPDM, PU hot 500 – 1200
17217 PVC, PE*, XLPE, PP*, PA, EVA, EPDM, PU hot < 500
17227 PVC, PE*, XLPE, PP*, PA, EVA, EPDM, PU cold < 200
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Saturn Tempon Druck India has been supplying the cable industry for more than 15 years with MarCablo inks for printing and marking on plastic insulated wires and cables. As part of the MarCablo product line, Saturn can offer inks for all common types of insulation materials, even for critical substrates. Saturn provides solvent-based inks for Gravure Printing, Line Marking, Offset Printing and Ring Marking. Our inks are available in various kinds of colour shades which are common in the cable industry. Special series can be tailored on request in our in-house laboratory such as inks for new substrates, new color shades or different line speeds.


Saturn Tempon Druck India offers different series to mark cables with a gravure wheel. This printing technique is also known as Contact Printing, Gravure Wheel Printing or Direct High-Speed-Printing. Our inks are suitable for each kind of Gravure Wheel Printer which is customary in the market. Briefly described, the gravure wheel picks up the ink from the reservoir and applies it onto the substrate. With a gravure wheel you can print either letters, numbers or any kind of symbol. The final print depends on your gravure selection. The advantages of our inks are an excellent adhesion onto critical substrates, a clear print and a high production speed.