Toys / Baby Products

Regulation-compliant inks, Paints, and Coatings for Toys and Children’s Products

Toys, designed to entertain children, hold a special place in the market, catering not only to kids but also capturing the interest of adults. The contemporary demand for children’s products emphasizes the need for toxin-free inks. Farbatech leads the way in providing regulatory-compliant inks suitable for both direct and indirect contact with toys, food, medical devices, and pharmaceutical products.

Our Farbatoy range of inks is meticulously formulated for printing toy components, offering unparalleled capabilities in screen printing, pad printing, spray painting, and thermoforming applications. Supported by spectrophotometry for colour matching, Farbatech ensures comprehensive colour development, sampling support, and service to meet the unique requirements of the toy industry.

Pad Printing
Screen Printing
Spray Coating